When your car is booked with us its not just getting a service it's getting an Elite Service. We use only the highest quality genuine or oem parts and lubricants so you get the very best safety and performance from your vehicle.

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Maintenance of these two major components is essential as they allow the vehicle to move and stop safely. There are many components that make up these two systems which require regular maintenance. Regular checks to ensure wear and tear is maintained is important and s

One of the most important parts of the brake and clutch system is the hydraulics. Used to control the system this hydraulic fluid can become contaminated over time and require replacement. Replacing this fluid regularly before contamination occurs will help to ensure your braking system is operating at it's very best.

We offer brake and clutch inspections to give you piece of mind and ensure you and your family are kept safe when on the road. 



At ELITE Brake & Mechanical we offer Log book servicing and safety checks on all components of your vehicle aligned with the manufacturer. We provide a full report on any items that require attention now or in the future.

Vehicle Servicing is the majority of  the maintainence that you will need to carry out on your vehicle over its lifetime.


A Service is not just an oil and filter change, It is also a comprehensive check of all operating components  your vehicle is made up of to ensure your safety on the roads.


Servicing also increases the life of your engine and transmission and can help to avoid costly breakdowns. By servicing regularly.




Your vehicles tyres and suspension is what holds your vehicle to the road and ensures a smooth and safe ride. 


There are many factors that can prematurely wear your tyres. This can cause a decrease in friction between the tyre and the road causing loss of traction and control of the vehicle. If regular maintenance is not carried out this can increase stopping distance and cause excessive noise.


When getting an ELITE SERVICE a full tyre and suspension health check is carried out including all suspension to be lubricated and tyre pressures checked.


If you are concerned about your tyres, suspension or steering components we can carry out a full safety inspection and provide you with a full report.


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